Private Training Classes

In addition to my advertised workshops throughout... I also provide private training classes & presentations for Spas, Health Clubs, Salons, Schools and small individual groups.

                                   SMALL GROUPS

If you would like CE with Terrance to do a workshop in your town, organizing one yourself is one of the best ways to make that happen. I will provide training for small groups that in some cases will cost less per person than one of my advertised workshops. Some other benefits to organizing your own workshop are:

• You get to have the class on days and at times that fit your schedule.
• You will know the people who are attending.
• You will have control over the size of the class.
• You can pick a location that is convenient like your home, church, business or community club house.
• You can set the price each person pays to attend to cover your own costs.

To find out more or to request a written proposal contact me at 662-798-0150 or [email protected]