Upcoming Training Dates

Waxing with Se-Brazil - $150

Se-Brazil Illuminating Treatment - $159

Se-Brazil 7 min Brazilian Class (Hands on) $575

Classes Offered:

     7-MIN Brazilian Wax Class - $575
- Product Knowledge and Demo
-Hands-on Training (students are responsible for their own models)
-Includes 7-min Brazilian Wax Kit

      Waxing with Se-Brazil - $150
-Product Knowledge and Demo
-Body Waxing including Underarms, Bikini and legs
-Includes Se-Brazil Wax Sample Kit

   Se-Brazil Illuminating Treatment -$159
-Product Knowledge and Demo
-Includes Illuminating Treatment Kit

*Classes have limited seating.
One-on-One or On-site Salon training available. Send email to inquire.

Terrance Bonner
[email protected]

National Training Day! August 30th, 2020!

Waxing with Se-Brazil, Illuminating Treatment and 7 min Brazilian Wax Class